See you at WordCamp Norrköping next week

I’ll be joining the fun at WordCamp Norrköping next week from Friday to Sunday: I’ll be helping with the Contributor Day over the weekend and I’ll give my Debugging WordPress talk to the dev community there. If you’re into WordPress development or interested in a secure and scalable managed WordPress hosting, meet me there and I’d be […]

Periodic Table, my First Public Upload

Recently I found a link to an app that I’ve published online almost 10 years ago and as far as I remember, it’s my first publicly available application ever, free for download: I’m definitely not proud with the overall end product or the code quality produced back then, but that’s my first contribution to the […]

The Right People Behind a Business

I’ve had a few conversations over the last month with people who have contacted me for work lately and we’ve had a meeting or two (or currently work together). I rarely check my leads and referrals when they contact me through my blog or Twitter, which is a bad habit and I’m catching up now, […]

Substitutability of Resources

After the PhpStorm post on WP Tavern this week I’ve decided to give it another try. Over the past 4 years I’ve tried to switch to PhpStorm 8-10 times with no luck and I’m still trying to be objective and give it another try when I have the chance. Despite of its apparent benefits in […]


I was dealing with network DB option filtering few weeks back and I was unable to find a proper way to use update_option, update_site_option or any relevant function to update the main site’s option value. I just found update_blog_option which is pretty cool and it does the following inside: [php] … switch_to_blog( $id ); $return […]

WordCamp Europe 2014 – Sep 27-29 in Sofia

I’m thrilled to share the news here as well – WordCamp Europe 2014 will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria on Sep 27-29. Hooray! Sofia has been accepted as the host of the largest WordCamp in Europe this year and we’re excited for that great opportunity. For those of you who hasn’t been following, WordCamp Europe’s […]

Responsibility and Trust in Business

Few minutes ago I found out that Kickstarter was hacked, and user information was exposed. It’s not the first time a popular site gets hacked (and it won’t be the last, for sure), the interesting part however is why did that happen and what would be the right path for a service like this to […]

WP Mentor, Helping and Community

Last month Matt from Matt Report launched a great site called WP Mentor. Setting up a mentorship program for the WordPress community is an incredible idea so kudos to Matt who made it happen If you can’t see the value in that site, let me explain. Balance and Entertainment I’ve been helping people since I’ve […]