DX Plugin Base – Ongoing Updates

I built DX Plugin Base several years ago as a general plugin framework that we could use internally, and something that could serve as a code repository for most of our projects. I’m really happy that some folks got the plugin and built their own reusing most of our code, such as the Metwit Weather Widget. […]

WordPress Contributing Effort and Focus

End of 2014 was a turning point in my life, and I have been thinking a lot about my contributing efforts for a while now. About a year ago I was teaching at a university, a school, co-organizing WordCamp Europe 2014 and a meetup, spoke at various conferences and meetings for free as well, contributed patches to plugins (plus […]

Brain Workout and Bredogenerator

My multitasking regime is notorious, and I’m quite used to switching context all day long, doing five and more things at a time. While this may be a tough process to follow, one of the reasons I’m capable of accomplishing that is my brain workouts started a while ago with the Bredogenerator exercise. I blogged […]

BackPress and WordPress Development

Today WP Tavern announced that BackPress is coming back from the dead. For those of you unfamiliar with BackPress, it’s a collection of PHP scripts (or a library, or a sort of framework if you want) for building web applications. On top of that the syntax is quite similar to the WordPress APIs, since it’s a “simplified” […]

Outsourcing and Hiring Remote Talent

Last month Automattic announced the acquisition of WooThemes – one of the largest WordPress theme companies out there. In addition to adding Woo’s portfolio to Automattic’s arsenal, the company behind WordPress.com added a team of 55 to its manpower which is something incredibly important when you’re growing. I’m not going to cover the story behind the acquisition since the public data has […]

Test Drive For Plugins and Themes is Not Popular Enough

The pricing dilemma with WordPress themes and plugins is a critical problem, mostly due to the widespread race to the bottom. Unfortunately, people don’t understand the magnitude of a problem until they are personally involved and affected by the consequences. Discussing Business With Developers That’s on of the reasons why I often have a hard time […]