WordSesh 3 on Saturday

I’m speaking at WordSesh 3 this Saturday at 9:00am UTC.   I will share my thoughts and experience with the WordPress Core and a bunch of other programming languages and platforms, comparing several architectural or design solutions. It’s my third WordSesh and I’ll definitely recommend it to anyone – 24 hours of live WordPress presentations is […]

Back from WordCamp San Francisco

I’m back from my WordCamp San Francisco 2014 tour and I’m genuinely excited after meeting close to a thousand WordPress community members over the past few days. The magic of WordCamp San Francisco is impossible to describe unless you’ve been there at least once, and if you haven’t – I’d definitely suggest you to plan for it. However, […]

Clementine = Spotify + Fedora

I’ve been looking for a decent Linux client for Spotify for a while, and unfortunately wasn’t able to find anything decent. There are several things that I strongly prefer to use as applications rather than web tools, such as: messengers, audio and video players, IDEs and few more. The usability and response time for me are […]

On Slack and the WordPress Community

One of the announcements during the State of the Word talk by Matt this weekend was moving to Slack for internal communication. As Matt said in his own post: For the first time in 11 years we’re switching away from IRC as our primary communication method. We’ll be moving to Slack, which has helped us set up […]

WordCamp San Francisco 2014

WordCamp San Francisco 2014 is in a few days, and I’m excited to joining the largest WordPress community event so far! The great folks at SiteGround are sending me to join the WordPress Core community summit and the contributor team meetups over the next few days and I’m thrilled to meet again the majority of the WordPress contributors […]

WordPress Developers – Interview with Matt Medeiros

Yesterday we had another great interview for the Google+ WordPress Developers community (over 5200 devs participating), this time with Matt Medeiros: Matt is one of the most active podcast masters in the WordPress community, focusing on the business aspects of our ecosystem, and is also involved in several interesting projects, including Conductor. We chatted about […]

The slippery slope of WordPress customizations

There are two things I highly admire in the WordPress ecosystem: being able to precisely budget small projects (where the tiniest error could ruin the entire profit, if not more) and do freelance customization work. We own a small brand under the DevriX hat called Premium WordPress Support, which started as a support engine for […]

What Does “Open” Mean?

I’ve been an Open Source advocate for about 10 years now, and this has been something that determined me over the years. If you start applying Open Source to your life, suddenly everything changes. Completely. Contributing to WordPress Marko and I led a workshop on “Contributing to WordPress” for my CMS students last year at “Telerik […]