Estimation Is Arbitrary – Risk is Out There

Chris Lema posted about his approach for Estimating Without Requirements and this is one of the most brilliant posts of his that I’ve ever read. When I started my freelance career, the first thing I encountered was the estimation challenge. Working full-time at a company is often estimation-free – you can give some rough numbers in […]

Obstacles In Communication

One of the most annoying things online for me lately are the obstacles during different phases of communication – blogging, contacting people, sending feedback. Most of us are busy and look for the easiest and fastest way to do anything online, and our attention span is short enough to abandon an idea if the process […]

Keeping WordPress Up-To-Date Is Not Enough

Keeping WordPress and your theme/plugins up to date is important, but it’s not sufficient. A good example is working with some dodgy theme or a plugin including tons of external scripts or loading remote data. You can never be sure whether this snippet is safe, or not. I’ve seen a plugin fetching latest news from […]

The Salary Factor

Last week Eric Mann posted his 2014 Salary Survey Results covering some rough figures about our industry and the average salaries paid for different levels of experience. I like aggregated data in general, and it would be nice if more people take on that sort of studies in 2015, extending their horizons across the entire world, including web development […]

Into 2015

2015 is here again, and everyone is recovering from the New Year’s Eve parties around the globe. I would like to wish everyone a happy healthy and successful new year. My TODO list so far is endless, so prioritizing and getting the most out of it would be one of my main targets (priorities!). Also, […]

Fighting the Scope Creep

One of my resolutions for 2014 was to fight in any way possible the Scope creep. We had a few ups in this direction for sure, but overall I’m not satisfied and I will continue pushing in that direction in 2015. What is Scope Creep? Scope creep is the process of adding more and more features […]

Leaders and Responsibility

The Power of Alignment After my WordSesh talk about Code Architecture yesterday, Chris Lema gave a business talk on “The Power of Alignment”. It’s a great talk about the expectations people and business organizations have, and why relationships don’t work out all the time due to miscommunication and false expectations, or misalignment as Chris defines it […]