Mario Peshev

Scaling WordPress Businesses

I help successful WordPress-driven businesses scale WordPress through web architecture, growth strategies, and integrational techniques.

CEO of DevriX, managing the WordPress retainers as a Service department offering ongoing programming, design, marketing solutions.

I consult $5M-$100M+ businesses on technical and business growth.

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Delegate your complete digital and WordPress development activities to a reliable partner and focus on growing your business.

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Jon Reed


I've been working with web design firms since the mid-90s. Mario's firm DevriX is the best I have worked with by a wide margin. Their ability to customize high-performance WordPress sites is exceptional. They bring a spirit of collaboration to their work, as well as taking initiative on virtual project management.

Mario has been very responsive and has really taken the time to understand our business model. Some of my best interactions with Mario have nothing to do with pending projects but with big picture issues and strategies we need to be thinking about. He's offered us candid feedback which I find invaluable. A real pro to work with.

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Georgi Rusev

Sr Manager R&D, VMware

I have worked with Mario on establishing a training program for engineers in our Quality Engineering department. Training was for Basics of Java and General Computer Science Algorithms and Datastructures. Mario was able to quickly understand what we are trying to achieve, gave good sggestions for structure of the course, prepared all materials and excercises and led the course perfectly.

During the course he showed great attitude towards his trainees and thus inspired them to learn the material as opposied to just teach the material. He posseses an unique characterics to establish personal relations with each one of students and is able to understand the needs and help him/her.

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Kris Gunnars

I contacted Mario for advice about web hosting requirements for my high-traffic website. He gave me excellent advice and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his consultations.

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Raymond Friedman

CEO, mile2

We hired Mario on an emergency training/consulting job for 3 weeks and he was simply superb! He was polite, punctual, responsive, and very effective in a Job with Aramco Oil. I will hire him again and will expect nothing less than the best.

I write about management, growing WordPress businesses and analyze misconceptions in the WordPress field. At DevriX we consult business owners, C-level executives and directors on digital strategy and technical infrasture and handle tech, creative and marketing for them.

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