Make Money Online with WordPress

“Making money online” is one of the hottest trends nowadays. The majority of people are employed at 9-to-5 jobs at corporate offices, working at the type of job that brings no joy to them under the supervision of managers incapable of rational thinking or of taking any smart decisions.

Making Money Online with WordPress” will reveal several different paths for you to increase your income using WordPress and gradually switch to full-time online work for your own business.

What do some of the recognized WordPress community members say about the book?

“With so many decisions out there related to running an eCommerce site, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. What you want, what you need, is someone who’s gone before you and figured out a lot of the stuff for you. Even better would be if they wrote it all down for you so that you can read it in a single setting and remove much of your anxiety and doubt.
Good news, Mario Peshev has done that very thing for you in his latest eBook.”

chris-lemaChris Lema

CTO and Chief Strategist at Crowd Favorite

“We don’t need just another e-book on how to make money with WordPress. Luckily that’s not what Mario has given us. Mario has laid out his “been there done that” experiences in an easy to follow guide for anyone looking to generate some revenue using WordPress. This is no magic button and and has no shiny objects to distract you. It’s real advice about making real money in the real world using WordPress as the cornerstone of your online strategy. I wish I had this book when I started out.”

troy-deanTroy Dean
Founder of Video User Manuals, Co-founder at WP Elevation
Host at 101 Ways to Elevate

Let’s see what you’ll learn from this book:

  • Testimonials
  • Introduction
    • About the Book
    • The Author
    • About WordPress
  • Different Monetization Options
    • Physical eCommerce
      • WooCommerce
    • Digital eCommerce
      • Easy Digital Downloads
    • Selling Premium Content
      • What is Premium Content?
      • FastMember
    • Selling Online Courses
      • Live Training
      • Google Hangouts
      • Webinar/Training system
      • Learning Management System
    • SaaS Model
    • Advertising
    • Newsletters
  • Technical Team
    • Hiring an Agency
    • Hiring Contractors
    • Learn WordPress
    • Boost Your Inner Entrepreneur
    • Attend WordCamps
  • What to Watch Out For
    • Scams / False Expectations
    • Lack of Motivation
    • Marketing Mistakes
  • Closing Remarks

Ready to start your business now?