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Mentorship Sign Up Completion

Thanks for joining the mentorship email group!

The initial story of the mentorship class has been described in my detailed post about providing mentorship and coaching and the amount of time it takes to nurture people in individual courses.

First off, check your email and confirm your subscription. We don’t want folks trolling friends by enrolling them in a list with their emails and receiving spam… Or simply enrolling with an incorrect email due to typos (trust me, that happens quite a lot – we receive at least 5-10 job applications every month with misspelled “gmailt”, “gmaicom” and other variations of invalid emails).

The purpose of the email series is shaping developers and small agency owners and preparing them for client work.

I know that many of you see “client work” as tedious back and forth and tons of negotiations on costs, time frames and the like. That isn’t the case if you adjust your service offering, build value propositions for your prospects and defining the caveats in the industry that could benefit from your skills.

I’m going to send a few emails a month (probably 2-4) including valuable resources that I’ve found online, strategies that we’ve been incorporating at DevriX, and other guest posts, articles and interviews of mine that I’ve shared over the months.

The key areas that we would focus on are:

  • Improving your skills in PHP and WordPress development and bringing actual value to different projects
  • Strategies for working with various types of customers – small businesses, enterprises, other agencies
  • Marketing and sales elements that would position you higher and build authority for your personal and professional brand

I will also include a Q&A email comprised of your questions (whereas you can tell me whether you want to be mentioned by name, or as a random question) and an overview of what could be done in order to tackle that problem in the short run and long-term.

That’s it – check your email, confirm your subscription and join the crew.


Q: Is that a free training and would I need to pay anything?

A: Yes, it’s completely free. I may share some tools or services every now and then that may require a premium subscription but none of that is mandatory (you can simply automate some work or increase your conversions by using some of those sources).

Q: What is the benefit for you?

A: I like helping people. I’ve led over 10,000 hours of training courses, seminars, and mentorship sessions. I believe that raising the standards in the WP ecosystem would help everyone and there’s plenty of work that doesn’t require us to compete with each other. In fact, I’ve worked with dozens of other WordPress agencies helping out as a contractor, consultant, or by handling entire projects at DevriX.

Q: What will I learn during the email series?

A: That depends on how is your business going so far. If you’re killing it by receiving tons of work and working on high-scale enterprise projects already, there’s likely little value for you yet I’ll certainly share some practical perspective that could serve your needs as well. Otherwise, we’ll talk about technical challenges and business negotiations, marketing and positioning, building recurring revenue and other areas where I’ve been tinkering for a while now.

Q: Is one-on-one coaching available?

A: I have a small group of people whom I help personally. This isn’t really scalable though, hence the need for a similar group program. Enrolling in the series and asking questions may help me aggregate the best problems and share them with the group.