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The Risks of Premium Themes for Successful Businesses

I did a review of Envato and ThemeForest last year discussing the race to the bottom and the financial challenges for both business owners, and theme authors. The focus, however, was on the existence of the marketplace in the first place and the lucrative vision of the millionaire theme author in the context of the low-cost…

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Don’t Call Yourself a Developer If You Don’t Code

For some unknown reason, the number of “WordPress Developers” out there is probably nearing the number of Java developers, despite of the fact that all Java developers do program extensively whilst the WordPress developers far too often have no idea what’s going on behind the admin panel. I do conduct interviews on a weekly basis for various…

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On WordPress Development Retainers

With over 30 people working at DevriX right now, we have revised our service solutions and focused on promoting a type of service that combines our recurring revenue goal with iterative development solutions for some of our clients. While we do provide maintenance services, we realized that a development retainer would be incredibly useful for most of our leads. This month…

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7 Reasons Why I Avoid Estimates

Every time I need to do estimates, I cringe a little. I no longer do estimates for small and medium clients since it creates false expectations and takes a huge amount of time. Which is why I talk about pricing and budgets a lot: An Estimate is Not a Deadline Estimation is Arbitrary – Risk is Out…

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Brain Workout and Bredogenerator

My multitasking regime is notorious, and I’m quite used to switching context all day long, doing five and more things at a time. While this may be a tough process to follow, one of the reasons I’m capable of accomplishing that is my brain workouts started a while ago with the Bredogenerator exercise. I blogged…

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Top reasons why companies outsource

WordPress Outsourcing and Hiring Talent

In May of 2015, Automattic announced the acquisition of WooThemes – one of the largest WordPress theme companies out there. This was a strategic acqui-hiring move that allowed them to leverage the outsourcing of WordPress development to a new team in-house and focus on a leading eCommerce product in the WordPress ecosystem. As a result, in addition to…

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